CTV Vertical Immersion Centrifugal Pumps Installation

Example Installations


Fig. 1: Flooded Installation                                                           Fig. 2: Suction Lift Installation w/ Suction Extension
CTV Vertical Immersion Centrifugal Pumps Installation


Important Levels & Dimensions

Detail PP & PVDF SS 316L Comment
Hmin, mm 50 80 Distance between base plate and liquid level
MIN Start, mm 170 170 Minimum level during start-up
MIN, mm 80 80 Minimum level during operation
Smin, mm 50 50 Min distance to bottom of sump / tank
Emax @ 25ºC, mm 1000 1000 Max length of suction extension
Emax @ 40ºC, mm 500 500 Max length of suction extension
Emax @ 60ºC, mm Impeller must always be submerged


Required for all installations

  1. Valve for Flow Control
  2. Non Return / Check Valve on discharge as close to the pump discharge as possible.
  3. Connection point for Pressure Gauge or Pressure Switch
  4. 45º joint for diverting discharge to enable more space when lifting the pump out of the sump / tank.
  5. Quick release connection (e.g. CAM Lock) between the pump and piping system for easy disconnection during maintenance and removal of the pump.
  6. Arrange for drainage of liquid from the baseplate back into the sump / tank


Flooded Installation

  1. Suction Strainer w/ 3-5 mm Mesh if there are solids present in the fluid or the sump / tank is open to atmosphere


Suction Lift Installation w/ Suction Extension

  1. A suction extension is required and the ID needs to correspond with the pump connection size. Do NOT use complex piping on the suction side. In certain instances a bottom valve (ball type) may be used, contact us for details.


Notes on instrumentation

In order to ensure a proper control of the performance and the conditions of the installed pump, we recommend using a pressure gauge on the discharge piping. It must always be installed between the pump and the shut off / regulating valve. The output can be read in Bar and translated into meters head and then compared to the performance curve of the pump to ensure that the pump is working “on curve”.

Pressure gauges and valves can be sourced directly through us to ensure compatibility with the installed pump.