TC LEAP: A New Generation of Diaphragm Pumps

LEAP Low Energy Air Pump

Tapflo’s LEAP Technology (Low Energy Air Pump) was designed here at Tapflo UK by our very own Technical Director and has set a new standard of efficiency in the pump world. By using a method which controls the cycling of the diaphragms, the technology reduces the energy required to operate the pump.

Here at Tapflo, we have carried out tests to measure the performance of a standard pump compared to our new TC Low Energy Air Pump, which resulted in an energy saving of up to 70%!

LEAP energy saving comparison

Our comparison tests also revealed that the Low Energy Air Pump is able to start pumping at just 0.1 Bar with no stalling! As well as this, the pump was already achieving flow rates of 70% of its maximum open end flow before other pumps had even started. This innovative technology can be fitted to any of our Plastic, Metal and Sanitary series of our AODD pumps.

For a clear idea of how much money you could potentially save with LEAP, we have put together an example enquiry:

A Tapflo customer requires their application to run for a complete working day, five days a week for 48 weeks a year. We have based our results on running a standard pump, producing 1000 litres of compressed air, based on the British Compressed Air Society figures of £0.01 to £0.03. For this customer, they would typically require a 2″ pump with a fluid flow of 150 litres per minute. Using a standard pump, this would cost the customer an average of £1843.20 each year. However, if the customer converted to Tapflo’s Low Energy Air Pump, the customer would save a massive £652.64 a year! So… what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to save money?!

Features & Benefits of TC LEAP Series:

Noise Reduction

Our Low Energy Air Pump has the ability to utilise lower air pressure, which will reduce the noise of the pump

Improved Lifespan

The Low Energy Air Pump uses an air valve that has a significantly longer life expectancy over rubber seal technology

Batch Dispensing

Batch Dispensing allows the pump to automatically stop after the required volume has been dispensed

Improved Maintenance

The main air valve in the Low Energy Air Pump can be changed in under two minutes, without the removal of the pump from the process line

Electrical Feedback

Signals allow for external monitoring of the pump process

Control Simplification

With our Low Energy Air Pump, there’s no need for an external pneumatic solenoid valve, which in turn will reduce costs and simplify control

Dry Running

By analysing the frequency of pulses, the pump can analyse when it is running dry

…and that’s just to name a FEW of the benefits!!

The Low Energy Air Pump (TC LEAP) has been recognised by the PPMA Group Industry Awards for the category ‘Innovative Processing Systems’, and by the Pump Industry Awards for the category ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’. But don’t just take our word for it! Save money on energy AND reduce your carbon footprint; try LEAP today!

Contact the Tapflo Team on 02380 252 325 or email us on [email protected] for more information and to make the switch of a lifetime!

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