How to select and use Tapflo AODD Powder Pumps?

Powder Pumps_How to choose them

The Benefits of Power Pumps

Powder Pumps are Economical compared with other complex powder systems, such as Conveyer and vacuum systems. These pumps are also Convenient  and safer compared with manual powder handling. In fact, No dust and No labour are involved. There are several Standard powder pump execution: 

  • PTFE coated aluminium pumps
  • AISI316L suction and discharge manifolds
  • Air induction system

How Does it Work?

Air induction system

Power Pump1) Process powder

2) Valve ball

3) Diaphragm

4) Non return valve

5) Needle valve

6) Air induction line


What kind of powder?

Powder is an unspecific science. The powder transfer pump will handle different types of process powders,

  • Specific weight from 80 up to 720 kg/m3 dry weight.
  • Non hygroscopic
  • A few examples of common powders are:
    sintering powder, carbon black, resins, diatom earth(kieselguhr) and silicones.

Application example

  1. Mining: Pumping powder waste into bags or Replacing belt conveyer
  2. Catalytic converter manufacturer: Catalytic powder to mixing pot; Using load cell for batch control; Pumping directly out of 200 l drum; Using flexible hose; Stainless steel suction lance.
  3. Medical Powder: Dosing with load cell
  4. Frozen Food: Powder transfer in froze food manufacturing; Transfer of herbs and spices.
Mining Application example

Mining Application example

Medical Powder Application Example

Medical Powder Application Example

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