TPUK PS1 Low Pressure VFC

TPUK PS1 Low Pressure VFC

TPUK PS1 Low Pressure VFC

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TPUK PS1 Low Pressure VFC

Tapflo (UK)’s TPUK PS1 Low Pressure VFC is used to convert pneumatic signals received from the pump into electrical closure or breaks that can be used to feedback into an electrical control system such as a PLC or BMS. It can also be used to monitor the stroke frequency of the pumps which therefore provides insight into the operation and health of the pump and also enabling a preventative maintenance regime.

A stroke to volt free contact (VFC) is available for intregation with PLC systems. Simply connect to any AODD pump via the air exhaust muffler to monitor the pump strokes. TPUK-PS1 must be combined with the muffler type TPUK-MU.

Data & Limits
Air Pressure, Bar (G) 2-8
Permissible Fluids Air, Inert Gases & Liquids
Adjustment of Switching Pressure, Bar (G) 2-8
Hysteresis @ 1 Bar @ 2 Bar @ 4 Bar @ 6 Bar
≤0.5 Bar ≤0.6 Bar ≤0.8 Bar ≤1.0 Bar
Mechanical Life 106
Ambient Temperature Range, ºC -5 to + 40
Breaking Capacity, V Resistive 5A – 220-230V
Wire Cross Section 0.75 mm2
Standard Electrical Contact V4 83 170 4 I W2
Signal Cable (not included) Circular, flexible OD = Ø5 mm– Ø13 mm
Pneumatic Connection 4 mm Push Fit
Weight, g 485
Dimensions, mm 122 x 160 x 110

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