TF Filter Press Metal Pump

TF Filter Press Metal Pump

TF Filter Press Metal Pump

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HOW DOES A TF Filter Press Metal Pump WORK?

The Tapflo pump station for Filter Press feeding is a very compact unit that can be mounted directly to the Filter Press. The design and function allow the user a straightforward pressing of slurries. When purchased as a complete unit the TF Filter Press Metal Pump or Pressure Regulator & Booster is already installed onto the pump via an external mounting bracket. The booster amplifies the pressure achievable by the pump in a 2:1 ratio. For example, with an available air pressure of 7 bar, the delivery pressure will be maximum 14 bar. As a result, we can achieve up to 16 bar on the discharge of the pump (depending on pump size).

As a standard, the booster is equipped with a pressure regulator and two manometers. In comparison to a standard pump, the TF version is equipped with reinforcement plates and a special air valve with PET piston. We also recommend using an aluminum centre body instead of the standard PP for better durability.

This TF Filter Press Metal Pump station is self-regulating and no additional device for regulating the capacity is necessary. It is, therefore, a plug and play solution, mount it to the Filter Press.

Connect the air and fluid pipework, away you go! For monitoring the filling level of the Filter Press, stroke sensors, stroke counters & flow meters are available.

Installation Example

TP Filter Press Pump Installation Example

Scope of Supply

TP Filter Press Pump Scope of Supply

Turn your existing Tapflo Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump into a TF Filter Press Pump by purchasing the following parts:

1 x Long Reinforcement Plate

1 x Short Reinforcement Plate

1 x Booster Mounting Plate

2 x Pin Screws

1 x Booster Complete Set

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Pump Sizes

Metal TF70, Metal TF120, Metal TF220, Metal TF420

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