TB Barrier Metal Pump

TB Barrier metal Pump

TB Barrier Metal Pump

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What Makes the TB Barrier Metal Pump Different?

The TB Barrier Metal Pump is ideal to avoid leakages when there is a rupture in the diaphragm and it is essential to detect it immediately. With its special construction and control system,  our pump is perfect when diaphragm rupture has to be detected immediately in order to avoid product leak to the environment and/or the air distribution system.

When a rupture is detected the pump is automatically stopped and an alarm can be generated. Ensuring that your pump maintains good working order is important to ensure leakage doesn’t occur into the pump or the environment. The TB Barrier Metal Pump is part of the Tapflo range of products such as the PDRN, the PDFM and the PDHS which supports the extended use of your equipment.


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Metal TXB120, Metal TXB220, Metal TXB420, MetalTXB70, PE&PTFE TRB100, PE&PTFE TRB20, PE&PTFE TRB200, PE&PTFE TRB400, PE&PTFE TRB50

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