CTS – H Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

CTS - H Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

CTS – H Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump



The CTS – H Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump range is suitable for a wide variety of applications where suction lift is required or for pumping highly aerated fluids within the industrial, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.CTS – H Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump is used in a variety of hygienic applications, ideal for transferring or offloading various ingredients and products. As they can be ATEX rated they can also be used for hazardous zones.

Typical Applications

In their Hygienic form (CTS H), they are ideally suited for the transfer or offloading of various ingredients and products like edible oil, flavourings, alcohol, dairy products and juice. There are also many auxiliary applications such as the transfer of CIP liquids, detergents and water.

Rather than typically being used for tank to tank transfer applications, they can also however be used for pressure boosting, dispensing, loading and offloading, tank cleaning, batching & metering, when used in conjunction with some of our wide range of control accessories.

Materials Data & Limits
Casing Stainless steel AISI 316L electro polished Ra <0.8
Mechanical Seal Single ceramic/graphite (standard), SiC/SiC or SiC/graphite, Optional with Lubrication or Flushing
O-Rings EPDM FDA approved (standard), or FEP/silicone FDA approved
Motor IP55; IEC frame B34; Available with ATEX cat 2 or 3; Eex e or Eex d
Pressure Rating 10 bar (PN10)
Temperature Max 90°C
Viscosity Max ~200 cSt
Particles Max diameter is 6 mm (std open impeller); bigger if soft particles


Capacity Range

The CTS units are available with either 2 pole (high head applications) or 4 pole (low head applications) motors to provide a wide envelope of capacity, detailed as follows:


CTS Tombstone










Priming Times:

CTS Priming Times


















Performance Chart:

CTS Performance Chart































Sealing Options

Standard Single Mechanical Seals are provided with a range of face materials, Ceramic / Graphite / SiC and O-Rings are available in EPDM / FKM / FFKM or FEP or alternatively the seal can be provided with an OP-Ring (Square O-Ring). This increases the friction between the O-Ring and the back casing and therefore lowering the chances of the static parts of the seal from sticking together.

CTS Sealing Options Lubricated & Externally Quenched Mechanical Seals can also be provided upon request and are ideally used when there is the potential for dry running or where there is a chance for the product to solidify or crystalize. An Oil Pot is connected to the seal chamber and continually lubricates seal during operation.  SAE grade 20 Oil is recommended however you must use a fluid compatible with the pumped medium and materials within the pump.

As an alternative, the CTHs can be supplied with ports to facilitate an external quench system. This provides the added benefit of removing heat build-up from the seal face and doesn’t require changing of the lubricating fluid. The max pressure of the quench circuit is 0.5 bar and it is recommended to install a thermo-syphon circulation into the quench circuit.

Additional information

Pump Model

CTS CC-22, CTS CE-22, CTS DD-40, CTS DF-40, CTS EF-55, CTS EG-55, CTS EF-75, CTS EG-75

Connection Size

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Drive Type

Flow Rate

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Self Priming

Solids Handling


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