DT Pulsation Dampener Trouble-Shooting

What are the main problems and possible faults when using a dampener? Check the DT Pulsation Dampener Trouble-Shooting!


Problem Possible Fault Possible Solution
The dampener doesn’t work The air pressure is too low Check if the set pressure is equal to the set pressure of the pump
The air connection is blocked Check / Clean Air Supply Connection
Muffler is blocked Check / Clean / Replace Muffler
Dirt in the diaphragm chamber Remove debris from the chamber
Diaphragm breakdown Replace diaphragm
Liquid leaks from the dampener Screws on the housing are not properly tightened Check tightening torques
Damaged Diaphragm Check / replace diaphragm
Tension / stress from the installation Adjust installation, eliminate stress & provide separate support for dampener
Liquid leaks from the muffler Diaphragm breakdown Replace diaphragm
Diaphragm Breakdown Wrong materials selected Contact us with detailed chemical composition of the product
System pressure is too high Use air treatment system to protect
Suction pressure is too high Make sure there is a pressure balance between the air and liquid side of the diaphragm

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