VA & INV Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pumps



The VA Series is characterised by its ability to have its speed adjusted by means of its integral mechanical variator, which adjusts the mechanical output speed of the gearbox. Flow control isn’t as accurate as the INV series, however, provides a decent flow range for applications where accurate flow control isn’t necessarily required. Speed adjustment must be done whilst the pump is at standstill, NOT during operation. All VA series units are 3 phase as standard.

The INV Series provides the widest and most accurate control of flow as you can infinitely vary the speed of the motor between its min and max speed points by use of the pre-wired and calibrated inverter panel. As with the RID series, the INV MAXI DOUBLE 2Q doubles the flow of the INV MAXI 80 & INV MAXI DOUBLE 2H doubles the head.

As standard the INVs are supplied trolley mounted and with a CE Control Panel with integral inverter, remote control on a 15 m cable with On / Off / Reverse & Speed Adjustment, Dry-Run Protection & supplementary 24V NC Contactor for wiring to any additional fluid accessories such as Flow Meters, Pressure Switches or Transducers etc.

Feeding supply for the INV series can be either 230V single phase (up to 2.2 kW) or 230-400V three phase. Manual or Spring Loaded By-Passes are available on request for both VA & INV models.  

VA & INV Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pumps Optional extras include

  1. - Waterproof & Floating Bi-directional radio controller & charging station with a 100m range.

  2. - Supplementary 4-20 mA Connector

  3. - Timing System

  4. - 4 Wheel Trolley

VA & INV Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pumps Performance

VA-INV Performance Table

VA-INV Performance curves

VA Series Rotational Speed Reference Table

VA-INV rotational speed

VA & INV Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pumps Dimensions

VA-INV dimensions

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