HDPE & PTFE Diaphragm Drum Pump

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What Makes our HDPE & PTFE Diaphragm Drum Pump Different?

The TD Drum HDPE & PTFE Pump dispenses liquids & change-over from Drums,  IBC & Containers with ease. The pump is connected to a carry-frame for inserting and removing pump & suction tube and available in numerous material options, PP, PTFE or SS316L to suit almost any fluid.

Diaphragm Drum Pump for HDPE & PTFE Series have the following characteristics:

  1. No rotating parts: Gentle fluid handling – ideal for shear sensitive fluids or abrasive products.
  2. High Pressure: up to 8 bar on standard units.
  3. Infinitely variable flow: Easy to adjust flow rate via blocking needle valve
  4. Intrinsically Safe: Driven by compressed air for safe fluid handling.
  5. Variable Suction Tube Lengths: up to 2 m
  6. Different Material Options: Stainless Steel AISI 316L, PP or PTFE to suit almost any fluid

Turn your existing HDPE & PTFE pump into a TD Diaphragm Drum Pump with only 3 additional parts! 1 x Drum Inlet (63) 1 x Pump Tube (64) 1 x Handle (65) For Metal Series you also need: 4 x Domed Nut for Pump Feet (66) 4 x Washers for Pump Feet 4 x Rubber Feet for Pump (67)

Additional Information

Drive Type


Flow Rate

up to 125 l/min


up to 16 Bar


Aluminium, Cast Iron, PE & PTFE, Stainless Steel AISI 316L



Solids Handling

up to 6mm


0-200+ cSt

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