SP-LR Sanitary Troubleshooting

What are the main malfunctions and problems with the SP-LR Sanitary Self-Priming Liquid Ring Pump?

A malfunction in a pump system may be caused by various reasons and is not necessarily the pump itself. Issues with the pipework or other fluid accessories within the system can be contributing factors. Furthermore, if the operating conditions differ too greatly from the provided specification for which the pump was selected for can also be a major contributing factor.

Consequently, it is always recommended to check the following first:

  • - Has the pump been installed correctly?
  • - Are the operating conditions still according to the initial specification?
  • - Are the other fluid accessories within the pipework functioning correctly?

In general, the following malfunctions can be identified:

  • - Pump provides little or no flow
  • - Pump does not reach duty point
  • - Pump provides irregular flow
  • - Pump leaks
  • - Pump vibrates excessively
  • - Pump makes too much noise
  • - Motor overheats
  • - Motor cuts out on thermal overload
  • - Pump has seized

Overleaf is a table of the possible causes and solutions of these malfunctions.

XXXelectrical connection defectiveHave qualified electrician check the electric connections
Xwrong rotation directionHave qualified electrician reverse the sense of rotation of the electric motor
XXXXinsufficient pre-pressureIncrease the pre-pressure or place the pump on a lower position
XXpump operating at the wrong speedCheck the motor speed
Xcontaminations or objects in the pumpClean the pump, if necessary disassemble
XXXair in the pipingInspect the piping
Xvalve in suction pipe is not completely openEntirely open the valve in the suction pipe
Xpump selected with too small delivery headInstall another pump
XXXXsuction pipe or filter blockedClean the suction pipe or the filter
Xshaft seal defectiveDisassemble the pump and replace the shaft seal
XO-ring seal defectiveDisassemble the pump and replace the O-ring seal
Xliquid temperature is too highDecrease the liquid temperature
XXXimpeller is jammedDisassemble the pump and replace the impeller
XXXXimpeller is damagedDisassemble the pump and replace the impeller
XXXXXmotor shaft is bentReplace the motor
XXXXXextension shaft is looseDisassemble the pump, inspect the extension shaft, reassemble it and readjust.
XXXXXbearings are damaged or wornReplace the motor. For IG(F): replace the bearings
XXmotor is overloadedCheck the viscosity of the liquid.
Switch off the motor and check if the pump does not drag. If so, disassemble the pump and repair it
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