Peristaltic Pump (ALHX)


ALHX Peristaltic Pump – Offering the largest flow of any Peristaltic Pump in the world!

ALbin's ALHX Peristaltic Pump models retain all of the standard features and benefits of the ALH Peristaltic Pump, however, utilising lubricant free rotating rollers and slower rotational speeds. This Peristaltic Pump offers 2 key additional benefits

  1. Much slower operating speeds for the given flow rate
  2. Rotating Rollers for soft hose compression

These 2 features greatly increase the life of the hose and also reduce power consumption.




Typlical Applications of the ALHX Peristaltic Pump

The ALHX Peristaltic Pump was introduced for applications ranging from sea water tanker offloading to high solids underflow slurry transfer where high flow rates with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability are required. The Rotating Rollers that are employed ensure a soft compression of the hose instead of the standard hard fixed shoes. The Rollers gently rotate as they compress the hose, extending the life of the hose and also losing little, if any, power from surface friction. They also significantly reduce power consumption requirements during operation. Displacing up to 90 litres / revolution and capable of capacities up to 150 m³/hr and discharge pressures up to 15 Bar makes these units ideally suited for the following applications:

  • - Processing of Effluent

  • - Cake, Mining Waste & Mud Slurry Transfers

  • - Transfer of Municipal Waste

  • - Sea Tanker Offloading

  • - Transfer of Sand Slurry

  • - Thickener Underflow Feeding

  • - Sea Water Offloading


Features & Benefits of the ALHX Peristaltic Pump

  • - Sealless

  • - Fully Reversible Flow

  • - Limitless Dry Running

  • - Internal gearbox to reduce overall Dimensions

  • - Self-Priming up to 9.8 m

  • - Discharge Pressures up to 15 bar

  • - Lubricant Free

  • - Suitable for both aggressive and viscous fluids

  • - Hoses are available in: NR and full EPDM

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