Peristaltic Pump (ALP)

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ALP Peristaltic Pump design and principle 

Designed for low flow batching and metering applications where accurate control and pressures up to 4 bar are required. Their simple and robust design makes operation and maintenance quick and easy. The Albin ALP Peristaltic Pump enhances on the intrinsic simplicity and robust principle of peristaltic pumps to provide a reliable, accurate & lubricant free unit perfectly suited for lower flow and pressure metering applications.

Capability of the ALP Peristaltic Pump

PTL Series
Capacity Up to 10 m³/hr
Accuracy /- 0.5%
Viscosity Up to 15’000 cPs
Fluid Temperature Up to 135ºC
Differential Pressure Up to 4 Bar
Max Solids Passage Up to 9 mm







PTL diagram

Construction – PTL Series

In sizes PTL 09–25, the rotor is supported by oversized ball bearings located within the pump casing; in sizes PTL 30–45 the rotor is supported by the heavy-duty bearings of the flanged drive unit.

Pump Casing & Rotor are manufactured from Aluminium Alloy.

Pressure Rollers are manufactured from either Plastic or Light Alloy, depending on the pump size.

Optional Executions & Extras

  • - Twin headed – 2 pump heads fixed to the same gear box.

  • - Various connection options such as SMS, Clamp, DIN, ANSI, coupling and cover.

  • - Hose rupture detector and revolution counter with digital display or pulsed output

  • - ATEX II & I certification

  • - Variable Speed with mechanical or electronic speed variator or variable speed drive with forced ventilation (1 – 100 Hz) or without (15 – 100 Hz)

  • - Trolley mounted.

ALP Peristaltic Pump Hosing

Without reinforcing: Neoprene; Hypalon; Norprene®; Silicone; Pharmed® With polyamide reinforcing: Natural rubber (NR); NBR; EPDM Other materials on demand.  

Material Hose Identification Operating Temperatures Industry Approvals To Fit
Neoprene Flat black colour, rough surface,  rubber smell 0 to 60ºC PTL09 to PTL25
Norprene® Off white, smooth surface -35 to 135ºC USP Class VI PTL09 to PTL45
FDA 21
CFR 177.2600
NSF Listed (Standard 51)
Silicon Transparent, smooth surface or rust colour 0 to 140ºC USP Class VI PTL09 to PTL25
FDA 21
CFR 177.2600
Pharmed® Cream colour, Pharmed* name on hose -30 to 135ºC USP Class VI PTL09 to PTL13
FDA 21
CFR 177.2600
NSF Listed (Standard 51)
Hypalon Black Colour, Yellow Stripe, Double Braided 0 to 90ºC   PTL09 to PTL45
EPDM Rubber Black Colour, White Stripe, Double Braided 0 to 90ºC  
Natural Rubber Black Colour, Green Stripe, Double Braided 0 to 80ºC  
Nitrile Rubber Black Colour 0 to 80ºC  
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