Pumps for Fibrous Slurries

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What are PSSP Pumps for Fibrous Slurries for?

PSSP Pumpsfor Fibrous Slurries are specifically designed for pumping fibrous slurries in the starch production process. The close coupled screw which can be attached to the eye of the impeller ensures a constant flow to the impeller whilst the entrained gases are evacuated through the inner channel of the screw. The range consists of defoaming pumps, pulp and centrifugal pumps. These hygienic designed stainless steel defoaming pumps are known for their optimal hydraulic performance and defoaming power. Another notable feature is the unique modular construction. Depending on application requirements the pump can be fitted with the following options:

  • Single or Double Mechanical Seal with Fat Lubrication
  • Single or Double Mechanical Seal with Quench
  • Vacuum & Pressure Gauges
  • Drain Connection

Max Capacity: 60 m³/hr @ 0.3 Bar

Additional Information

Drive Type


Flow Rate

up to 95 m³/hr


up to 16 Bar


Stainless Steel AISI 316L



Solids Handling

up to 30mm


0-200+ cSt

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