Diaphragm Pump Pneumatic Batch Controller

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What makes our Diaprhagm Pump Pneumatic Batch Controllers different?

Tapflo’s totally pneumatic Batch Controller can control any Tapflo Diaphragm Pump to produce accurate and repeatable dispensed volumes. Fully programmable allowing you to set the batch amount (TPUK-BP) or batch time (TPUK-BT). Available also with internal mounted control to prevent unauthorised adjustments (TPUK-BPI and TPUK-BTI).

Data & Limits

Ambient Temperature, ºC 0 to 40
Air Pressure, Bar (G) (TPUK-BP / TPUK-BT) 3 – 7 / 3-6
Weight, g (TPUK-BP / TPUK-BT) 1100 / 800
Dimensions, mm (TPUK-BP / TPUK-BT) 122 x 150 x 175
Dimensions, mm (TPUK-BPI / TPUK-BTI) 129 x 150 x 175

TPUK-BP: Predetermining Batch Control

The system records the number of strokes generated by the pump as a series of low pressure pulses from the air exhaust of the pump. The pump is stopped once a number of pre-set strokes have been achieved, thus controlling the volume of product dispensed by the pump. Volumes generated per stroke can be found within the technical data sheets of the pump in question.  

TPUK-BT : Timed Batch Control

 The pump can be started locally or remotely, stopping automatically once the set time has elapsed, thus controlling the volume of product dispensed by the pump.  

Time Ranges

Model Time Range Repeat Accuracy Setting Accuracy
TPUK-BT*-030S 2-30 Seconds /- 0.3 Seconds /- 0.6 Seconds
TPUK-BT*-120S 8-120 Seconds /- 1.2 Seconds /- 2.4 Seconds
TPUK-BT*-300S 20-300 Seconds /- 3.0 Seconds /- 6.0 Seconds

If the batch controllers are installed in a system which has a positive suction head or the pump is below the fluid level there is a chance that siphoning may occur which can cause inconsistent batch sizes. Simply install one of our Non Return Valves with a cracking pressure greater than the head pressure to prevent this. The batch controllers can be installed a maximum of 20 m away from the pump and can also be linked with an either manual or electronic Remote Start / Stop Remote Station which can also be mounted 20 m away from the batch controller and controlled by a PLC for example.

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