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Other Pneumatic Systems


Low pressure VFC (TPUK-PS1)

A stroke to volt free contact (VFC) is available for intregation with PLC systems. Simply connect to any AODD pump via the air exhaust muffler to monitor the pump strokes. TPUK-PS1 must be combined with the muffler type TPUK-MU.


Life counter (TPUK-LC)

Tapflo's life counter simply connects to the AODD pump air exhaust, and displays the stroke count on it's internal LCD display. Compact, easy to use and cost effective, this simple system will allow you to control servicing and implement a preventative maintenance routine. TPUK-LC must be combined with muffler type TPUK-MU.


Audible alarm (TPUK-PA)

The audible alarm is a fully pneumatic option for use with the Guardian system. It will sound when the alarm output of the Guardian is trigered due to either a diaphragm break (Guardian barrier), pump dry running (Guardian dry run) or a dead head situation (Guardian dead head). The alarm is available with or without a mute function, TPUK-PA and TPUK-PAM respectfully.


Start/Stop units

Add safety and ease to your system by integrating a start/stop unit. These are available in the following models:

  • TPUK-SSE-24VDC - Electrical start/stop (24V/DC)
  • TPUK-SSE-110VAC - Electrical start/stop (110VAC)
  • TPUK-SSE-240VAC - Electrical start/stop (240VAC)
  • TPUK-SSP - Pump start/stop
  • TPUK-SSR* - Remote pump start/stop

* used as an accessory only together with TPUK-BT, BTI, BP, BPI, LM and SSP


Blocking valves, mufflers & VFC

A range of valves, mufflers and VFCs are available:

Volt free contact (TPUK-VFC)

This accessory is used to convert the Guardian alarm output signal into volt free contact for integration with a PLC.

Needle valve (TPUK-NV)

Pump speed control that mounts directly into the pumps air inlet, adjusted using a screwdriver.

Blocking valve (TPUK-BV)

Required accessory for the Guardian, level control and start/stop control. Available in sizes 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2".

Blocking/needle valve

Required accessory for batch control and as an alternative to blocking valve for level and start/stop control. Available in sizes 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2".

Muffler with fitting (TPUK-MU)

Required accessory for batcher predetermining, life counter and low pressure VFC. Available in sizes 1/2" and 1".



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