External Gear & Hollow Disc Sealless Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump


External Gear & Hollow Disc Sealless Mag Drive Centrifugal Pumps

GS Mag-M Centrifugal Pump:

The separation of liquid chamber/atmosphere by means of an isolation shell is the best solution to pump aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids, hydrocarbons, heat transfer liquids and liquids difficult to seal. The hermetic sealless is the best solution for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry.

Suitable for pumping:

• Aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids
• Acids & lyes
• Hydrocarbons
• Heat transfer liquids
• Liquid gases
• Liquids Difficult-to-seal
• Ultrapure liquids

Typical applications:

• Refineries
• Chemical and petrochemical industries
• Refrigeration and heat engineering
• Liquid gas plants
• Galvanic engineering
• Power stations
• Tank installations
• Pharmaceutical industries
• Fibers industries

m pumps gs mag-m & mhv mag-m

Max Flow

80 m³/hr

Max Flow

45 m³/hr

Max Head

300 m

Max Head

100 m

Temp Range

-100ºC to +200ºC

Temp  Range

-50ºC to +200ºC

Materials, Std.

AISI 316L / C.I. G25

Materials, Std.

Ductile Iron Casing

AISI 316 Internals

Materials, Req.

Hastelloy C276

Incoloy 825


Materials, Req.



Threaded BSP & NPT


Threaded BSP & NPT

Universal Flanges to DIN

(PN16 & 25) & ANSI B16.5

(Class 150 & 300)

*For more information on the M Pumps range, contact the Tapflo team on 02380 252 325

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