Custom Systems

Custom Pumping Systems to suit your needs!

Tapflo’s innovative bespoke system department was created for the specific purpose of combining different fluid accessories into one complex unit, skid or system to suit individual customer needs and ultimately supply a bespoke “drop-in” solution.

The principle elements of our Custom Pumping Systems are based on a “Turn-Key” solution, where we don’t just supply a pump, we add value:

  • Flow, Construction & Automation design
  • Production & Assembly
  • Factory configuration & tests
  • On-site integration possibilities

The benefits of a Custom Pumping System:

  • Reduction in extra installation and commissioning costs once received on site.
  • One stop solution – all elements of the system are supplied by one supplier and warranty.
  • Bespoke design based on extensive experience and site specific requirements
  • Systems are fully calibrated and tested before delivery – ready to use out of the box!

Our bespoke systems can range from something as simple as a trolley mounted pump unit with on/off control to incredibly complex systems with actuated valves, self-cleaning filters, flow meters, air treatment systems, variable speed drives or automated batching and metering control.

We can deliver pumps from our own production range or third parties to meet any customer requirements and standards, whether they be industrial, fully EHEDG compliant or ATEX approved.

We classify the solutions provided into 4 distinct categories:

  • Bespoke Trolley Systems
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Customised Process Units
  • Booster Sets

How we do it

  • - Careful consultation is carried out with the customer to gain a complete understanding of the application and what the customer is trying to achieve.
  • - Specific site restrictions, design standards, application requirements and “must have” features and functionality are noted to outline the basic specification of the system in question.
  • - Recommendations and optional “add ons” are presented to the customer to determine whether the system can be improved to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • - Budget and time frame for delivery are taken into consideration to narrow down the final specification.
  • - Once a final specification has been settled upon, a final design is presented to the customer to sign off.
  • - Once the order is placed and the system is put into final design, CAD designs, GA drawings & P&IDs are generated to be finally checked with the customer. Subject to final approval, the system is put into fabrication, assembly, test and final calibration.
  • - The system is delivered to the customer with a documentation pack inclusive of any ordered certification, instructions, operations and maintenance manuals ready for use out of the box!


As all of our Custom Pumping Systems are bespoke, Tapflo have the facility and flexibility to meet almost any customer requirements and integrate a plethora of options such as:

  • - Flow Meters with visual displays, pulsed feedback (e.g. 0-10V, 4-20 mA)
  • - Pressure Transducers (Blind or with displays)
  • - Temperature Transducers
  • - Compound and Discharge Pressure Gauges
  • - Filters with Differential Pressure Switches (Visual or signalling) to indicate Filter Cleanliness
  • - Self-Cleaning Filters
  • - Hose Reels & Nozzles
  • - Remote Control of pumps – Fixed & Variable Speed & even reversing!
  • - Batching, Metering, Timed & Level Controllers
  • - Variety of Connection Types: Flanged, Threaded, Hygienic, Quick Release, Dry-Break
  • - Weather-Proof Enclosures for equipment which is intended to be used and stored outdoors
  • - Acoustic Enclosures & noise reduction equipment for equipment which is intended for use indoors or residential where high traffic is envisaged
  • - Dry Run & Dead Head Protection
  • - Mounted Pulsation Dampeners
  • - Trolley Systems with On-Board Tanks with incorporated decanting systems such as our MDU-20 & MDU-200 Mobile Decanting Systems
  • - Stationary Decanting Systems such as our CDU Stationary Decanting System
  • - ATEX Approved & Hygienically rated systems
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