Albin Pump are a French manufacturer, specialising in Peristaltic Pumps. They’ve been producing these pumps since 1984 and Tapflo are extremely proud to be distributing Albin’s Peristaltic Pump range within the UK. Tapflo distribute 4 types of Peristaltic Pumps which can be viewed on our website, covering low pressure, high pressure and CIP pumps.

As you know, Tapflo are all about supplying quality pumps and service to our customers, which is why we’re so happy to work alongside Albin. Albin’s service is second to none; reliable, short lead times and quick responses mean they deliver on all fronts.

Albin provide excellent quality Peristaltic Pumps, this is down to their superior design. To start, the pump is designed with a window at the front, this window allows lubricant to be emptied which isn’t possible with other options available on the market.

Peristaltic Pump, PTX

Another example of superior design is the wheel on Albin’s Peristaltic Pumps. It can be easily dismantled by unscrewing the expandable hub, unlike inferior market alternatives that can’t be assembled by the customer! Similarly, Albin’s pump design has no bearings which means 30% less bolts than standard Peristaltic Pumps on the market, allowing removal and replacement of the pump to be completed quickly, and ensures that no bearings can come into contact with the application being pumped. Therefore, Albin’s design reduces the time taken to maintain the pump.

Additionally, you’ll find that with standard Peristaltic Pumps, their wheel casting is manufactured from cast iron which means that the wheel often breaks. However, the casing and wheel casting on Albin’s pumps is manufactured from ductile Iron which offers better resistance against shocks and low temperatures. This clearly highlights that Albin’s pumps are a better choice as they can withstand high pressure industrial applications and they will keep your maintenance costs down, compared to the standard design which breaks regularly.

Finally, the pump is provided with the best quality hose on the market which is a low price and has a long hose life! The Peristaltic Hose Pumps, themselves, are a great price for the exceptional quality you are receiving in return.

Albin’s Peristaltic Pumps also come with a range of options to suite any need including multiple drive options and can be provided with various testing and certification options.

Peristaltic Pump, PTThe best bit? They have a continuous improvement strategy which means they’re always developing as a company, just like Tapflo UK.

Here at Tapflo, we have a strong working relationship with Albin. In fact, our Sales Team recently returned from a trip to the South of France to visit Albin’s factory. The trip included a training session to make sure Tapflo’s product knowledge is up to date. The trip also involved viewing the pump assembly and production facilities within the factory. The trip was a complete success and the team were so grateful to Albin for looking after them whilst they were in France.

You can view Albin’s range of Peristaltic Hose Pumps on our website.

If you want to get your hands on one of these Peristaltic pumps, get in contact with our sales team today:

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t – 023 8025 2325

We also have a live chat on the bottom right hand corner of our website, where you can get in touch!



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