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Tapflo takes on Tough Mudder

We’re getting muddy!

If you follow Tapflo Pumps UK on LinkedIn, you’ll have seen our latest challenge! If you don’t follow us, why not? Who knows what vital information, news or competitions you’re missing out on!

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Tough Mudder
Our latest challenge is Tough Mudder. On September 22nd, a team of extremely brave, potentially foolish, individuals will be taking on 500,000 litres of mud and 40 tons of ice, in the name of charity. We’re raising money for the Society of St James who is a Hampshire based charity doing amazing work to help the homeless and those vulnerable to it.

SSJ support over 2500 people each year in a variety of ways, this often means not only providing a roof over someone’s head but giving them a second chance at a future. They use a range of initiatives to help individuals, including participation in art, music and sport, Jamie’s Computers and paths that lead individuals into education or work so that they have the tools to turn their lives around.

For more information on the excellent work that SSJ do, visit their website:www.ssj.org.uk

If you want to know just how serious we are about helping SSJ, have a look at Tough Mudder’s website. It’s a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed to push your physical and mental strength to the limit. Tough Mudder is a team sport, there’s no way of completing all of the obstacles without helping each other. It’s the ultimate team bonding exercise!!

Get to know the team!

How have the team been training?

When asked how he was preparing, Mike said, “I’m in a steady state of preparing to prepare.” He’s one of the most prepared members of the team though, he’s thought it all through and is being smart with his training. Mike has worked out it’s probably no further than 3K between each obstacle, so he runs 3K on the treadmill every morning before work! (We all think he’s a bit crazy)

He’s planning to spend the final weekends leading up to the event in the gym for 2 hours a day, doing 3K runs between weighted exercises, to break up the training and simulate the runs between the obstacles!

Our very own Sales Director, Luke Barnes, does boxing four times a week and has completed a Tough Mudder before, so he knows what to expect! Coincidently, Luke is the one who convinced us all to take on this challenge… I wonder how popular he’ll be when the team have finished the run!

Andrew climbs mountains in his spare time, so he should be able to tackle the Everest obstacle with ease! He’s been training by practising his positive thinking… we’ll let you know how that one panned out after the race!

Design your own obstacle

In preparation for the event, we asked the team to design their own obstacle! Mike designed a slide that takes you from the start, straight to the finish – just like snakes and ladders! Nicole designed a challenge to sleep through the whole of the Tough Mudder, in her bed, away from mud and ice. She also said, she’d definitely win this!! Andrew designed something high with a zip wire or an obstacle you have to jump off! What would you design as your perfect obstacle? Let us know!

What can you bring to the team on race day?

Andrew – “Beer for a refreshing drink at the end.”

Mike – “Solid last place”

Nicole – “Proudly taking one for the team and finishing last. And possibly some entertainment if I feel brave enough to run through the electric fence.”

Luke B – “Not Luke S apparently, but I’ll definitely motivate the team!!”

However, in a turn of events, since Luke B did his interview, Luke S has decided to re-join the team in the mud! Wish him and the rest of the TS Group team luck. Let’s hope Simpson isn’t a no-show!

Tough Mudder

You can donate to our cause on our JustGiving page. Thank you to anyone who has already donated to support our cause. Make sure you’re following Tapflo’s LinkedIn account to keep up to date with our muddy journey!

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