In case you missed anything this month, here’s what’s been going on at Tapflo Pumps UK!

Exclusive for the UK

Right at the beginning of the month we announced that Tapflo UK have successfully secured our position as the UK exclusive partner of BBA Pumps’ B-Series. In the time since our announcement, BBA Pumps have been flying off of the shelves! If you missed the announcement, you can read it here, >>> TS Group Secures UK Partnership for BBA Pumps B-Series <<<

Toby starts at TS Group with a picture by the group logo

Success from the PPMA

As you know from our September at Tapflo post, Tapflo had a very successful PPMA Show this year, we built a stand that was bigger and better than ever before and the leads we’ve had from the show have proved just how right we were to do this in order to take the next step for the company. October has been filled with a record number of leads from the show, with members of the Sales Team out on the road, busy visiting existing customers and potential new customers, creating new and strengthening existing relationships. It has already been so successful we’ll be returning to the PPMA Show in 2019!

Welcome to the Team!

Tapflo are thrilled to welcome Toby to the team as the new Design and Development Engineer. We’re really pleased with how much the team has grown this year and we’re excited to see all the projects that Toby will be working on! Good luck Toby! Watch this space for more additions to Team Tapflo.

Other Office News

In other news, the Tapflo Marketing Team headed to London for the day to complete a course. The team gained a lot from their course at IDM and have some big ideas in the works to make sure Team Tapflo continue to smash our goals!

Ed and Max in clown halloween costumer

The TS Group Christmas party has been booked, we’ll be heading to a Winter Wonderland at Ampfield Golf and Country Club! We’re excited to celebrate the successes of the past year with the rest of the group, who are bigger than we’ve ever been, but first, the hard work, we’ve still got a lot of work to do to make sure we finish off 2018 on a high.

Max and Ed Bobbing for apples

At the end of October, we ran a Halloween competition across LinkedIn which involved Edward up in our Tapflo North office. This was a little bit of spooky fun that saw Ed and his son dress up in terrifying clown costumes and then bob for apples! The aim was to see how long it would take the pair of them to bob for 10 apples, Tapflo’s LinkedIn connections were asked to guess the amount of time it would take. It took the pair of them 58 seconds to bob all 10 apples, our winner, Lauren, guessed 1 minute!

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LinkedIn: Tapflo Pumps UK

Twitter: @TapfloUK

Filming with Tapflo Director

We also recommend that you check out Tapflo UK’s YouTube channel where we’ve recently uploaded a demo video of our Low Energy Air Pump. We had an afternoon of filming to bring you some interesting content, you'll be getting gems like a director popping out of a box... keep your eyes peeled!



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