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March at Tapflo UK

Tapflo UK are back with our monthly round-up of news! You’re probably wondering where the February edition was, it was a very busy month for Team Tapflo all round, with the Sales Team busy quoting, visiting customers and the Marketing Team out of the country. Not to worry, we’re back and it’s been another busy month to finish off the first quarter of the year.

Tapflo HQ

The end of February/beginning of March marked a long-awaited trip for Tapflo UK’s Marketing Team to head over to Poland to visit Tapflo HQ for the first time. The trip involved meeting the Global Marketing Team and Beginner’s Pump Training. It was a great experience for the Marketing Team and lovely to meet so many friendly people from the Tapflo network!

Employee Appreciation Day

On 1st March it was Employee Appreciation Day! To celebrate, the Marketing Team shared doughnuts around the office and asked why the team love working for Tapflo. Check out the video below!

Pancake Day

Potentially one of the most important days in the calendar, Pancake Day arrived in March! As the Tapflo office are on a healthy eating kick as of 2019 (most of the time anyway), we didn’t eat too many pancakes but we did film a Tapflo Pancake Date video for our YouTube Channel – Tapflo UK – which saw Luke and Luke talking about pancakes, their favourite toppings and the number 1 question that you’re all dying to know – can Tapflo Pump the toppings? Check out the video below to find out!

Team Building

March marked another team-building event for Tapflo. The day started with sales meetings to see how the beginning of the year had kicked off and how we were planning to continue as the second quarter of the year approached. After this, the team headed out to Southampton town centre for huge 18” pizzas that were bigger than the plates they were served on! It was a great evening for everyone.

Pump Industry Awards

With the end of March came the annual Pump Industry Awards. This year Tapflo were nominated for Manufacturer of the Year, unfortunately we didn’t win but it was great news for the company to be recognised as a finalist for the category this year. With the growth and innovation that we’ve seen in the past year, it’ll be no time at all until we’re announcing ourselves as a Pump Industry winner, so watch this space!

Busy Month

Tapflo UK had a very busy month with some interesting pumps leaving the warehouse for some very happy customers. This included various sized Sanitary Pumps, CTH Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps, several ATEX AODD Pumps and a CTM Magnetically Driven Pump, to name a few. At Tapflo UK, we don’t just supply pumps, we offer quality customer service, as well as bespoke systems, designed and built by our experienced technical department. If you’re looking for technical advice or you’re looking to purchase a pump, get in touch with the team today!

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