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LEAP Beats Leading American Diaphragm Pump!

Tapflo’s Low Energy Air Pump beats leading Diaphragm Pump manufacturer!

In recent weeks, LEAP (Low Energy Air Pump) used within a Tapflo Diaphragm Pump, model TC420 ANN, was put to the test by a large ceramic manufacturer. Our LEAP Technology was independently measured against a leading American Diaphragm Pump manufacturer to test the air consumption and flow rate, and the results are truly astonishing! When supplied with 2 Bar of air, our LEAP Pump consumed only 0,103 Nm3/min, whilst the American Diaphragm Pump consumed 0,167 Nm3/min, also supplied with 2 Bar of air. As well as this, the LEAP unit produced a much higher flow rate than the competitor’s pump.

Metal Low Energy Diaphragm Pump

These astounding results have proven to the customer just how huge their savings could be if they were to use LEAP. The customer has now decided to swap out 40 of their current Diaphragm Pumps for LEAP over the next 2-3 years, which will be a huge saving of around 60% for them!

LEAP Technology is the future of pumps; LEAP can not only offer huge savings on compressed air but is also highly economical compared to any standard Diaphragm Pump. To understand the energy-saving costs behind LEAP, check out our article, ‘Are Your Diaphragm Pumps Costing Too Much?’

Looking to try out our LEAP Technology? We can offer a free 30-day trial so you can compare LEAP to your current Diaphragm Pumps and see the amazing difference for yourself! Make the switch today – choose LEAP and join the revolution of pumps!

Interested to know more about our LEAP Pump? Check out the video below for a full demonstration by Luke on how the LEAP Pump works compared to a standard Diaphragm Pump.

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