Successful completion of second installation at a film coating manufacturer

Successful completion of second installation at a film coating manufacturer

Tapflo EHEDG pump system

Tapflo UK successfully completed the second installation of a bespoke pump system at a world leading manufacturer of photographic filters. The system was developed to automate the filling and emptying of a solvent lacquer in to a tray on a coating machine whist also reducing the time taken to clean down the equipment at the end of a production run and colour change.

The system, developed in partnership with the customer involved using one of Tapflo’s ATEX approved EHEDG pumps, taking advantage of the aseptic design to enable a simple flush cleaning of the pump in situ removing all residue of the colour pigment.  During the production process it was critical to provide circulation of the lacquer from a holding tank into the tray and then return back to the holding tank thus providing consistency of colour on the product, the returning fluid is required to be pumped back to the holding tank, to achieve this the pump was produced with twin inlets and outlets meaning that the pump was effectively split into 2 single diaphragm pumps with matched flow rates negating the need for 2 pumps.  A simple weir system was used in the tray to provide a consistent level in the tank.

On completion of the process the lacquer is then pumped out of the tray through the normal filling port, this was achieved using air operated ball valves effectively reversing the inlet and outlet ports on the filling side of the pump, the changeover of these valves and flow rates of the pump (fast for fill and empty, slow for operation/recirculation) are controlled using a bespoke pneumatic control panel design and built by Tapflo UK.



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