10 Surprising Uses of a Diaphragm Pump

Find out the Top 10 Uses of a Diaphragm Pump - You’ll be surprised how versatile Diaphragm Pumps can be!

Diaphragm Pumps can be found in many global industries. A diaphragm pump is truly versatile and multi-functional. Further examples of processes which use diaphragm pumps include the manufacturing of bin liners, concrete patio slabs, Dentistry suction tools and cosmetics! Here are the 10 top uses of a Diaphragm Pump!

Food & Beverages
Diaphragm pumps can be found in the production of products that range from dairy products to juices, to beer. Pumps are required to ensure the products are made in a sterile and hygienic manner, such as when the environment needs to be kept free from oil contamination. Tapflo produces a sanitary series of pumps for this industry.

Pulp & Paper
Believe it or not, diaphragm pumps can transport glue, adhesives and resin solutions. An example of this is in the production of cigarette paper, as a pump is used to apply the resin to the paper.

Surface Coating
Diaphragm pumps transport chemicals from storage tanks, containers, and baths, for example when galvanizing and decreasing, such as in the production of linoleum.

Water Treatment
Diaphragm pumps are used to pump clean water into villages around the world. Because the pumps are resistant to hydrochloric acid and ferric chloride, they are used for acid and alkalis dosing for ph control and to determine neutralisation.

Print, Paint & Varnish Industry
Diaphragm pumps transfer solvent based liquids such as paints, ink, and varnish. Pumps are also used for the transfer, recirculation, and blending of ink. Some advantages of using a diaphragm pump within this industry include the low cost of the element, high viscosities and the variable speed that the pump provides you with.

Diamond Recovery
An X-ray separation system is used in diamond recovery to examine whether the diamonds fluoresce when exposed to X-rays. The process requires pumps in order to evaluate the quality of the stones and if they are suitable for the companies which they are being extracted for. The process of diamond recovery also includes the ore separation that involves the procedure of recycling waste water to filter back through the process.

Automobile Industry
A diaphragm pump is used to circulate the dipping tanks in the automobile industry so that the paint used on the vehicles does not sit for a long period of time. This prevents the separation of the chemicals used in the high quality paints, for example, the Aston Martin brand. The spraying application of the pump is then used to paint the vehicles.

The Making of Artificial Hearts/Heart Bypass Surgery
Diaphragm pumps similar to that of the physical heart organ is used to mirror the function of the heart itself during heart bypass surgery. Without the action of the pump, surgery bypass could not take place. This is an outstanding function of a diaphragm pump as it is used to save lives all over the world.

Filtration on Small Fish Tanks
Electrically driven air pumps create a stream of air under pressure. Moving water creates aeration by constantly mixing the surface of the water with the rest of it in the tank. This allows for a constant flow of filtration and
current. Currents also help to prevent detritus accumulating, therefore allowing the pump to have a multi functional use.

Offshore Oil Drilling
In order to carry oil to the surface and to lubricate and cool the drill bit, a pump has to be used. Diaphragm pumps have further applications in the petrochemical industries such as in offshore mud drilling when rocks are brought to the surface for testing purposes.



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