Automatic Barrel Filling Kit


Our Automatic Barrel Filling Kit is an ideal solution for those who don’t want to waste time in the cellar. It is compact, ergonomic and easy to use and doesn’t come with complicated and bulky cabling due to its 12V rechargeable battery and signalling LED.

It is built entirely from Stainless Steel and comes with a wash down proof IP55 Control Box which enables the quick and easy setting of desired filling levels. There is also a sensitivity adjustment setting which can be used when pumping fluids with a high alcohol content and a response delay setting in case of foaming liquids.

Automatic Barrel Filling Kit

Thanks to its compact design it is also perfectly suited for use with stacked barrels. It is available with a wide range of customisable connections: Garolla, Macon, Din 11851, Tri-Clamp, BSP, SMS, BSM/RJT & Friederich. Maximum capacity is 120 litres/minute at 0.7 bar & 210 litres/minute at 1.9 bar.

The kit includes the following:  

  1. - Stainless Steel Automatic Gun

  2. - Non Return Valve

  3. - Pressure Switch

  4. - 30 mm ø fitting

  5. - Hose for barrel emptying


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