DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener

DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener

DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener



What Makes The DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener Different?

The DT Active Pulsation Metal Dampener is constructed from either Aluminium or Stainless Steel AISI 316 for use in conjunction with the Tapflo Metal Series of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps.

The aluminium dampeners are perfect to use for pH-neutral fluids. They have great resistance to corrosion and deterioration. They can be found in many applications from workshop, through paint industry to chemistry.

Dampeners made of stainless steel offer great mechanical strength combined with good chemical resistance. AISI 316 is resistant to aggressive and abrasive liquids. The dry part of the dampener that does not come into contact with the pumped product is, as a standard, made of corrosive resistant PP.

ATEX rated Metal Dampeners are also available. They are supplied with earth connection and conductive materials: conductive body, diaphragm in PTFE (conductive backing) or EPDM (conductive).

Typical Applications

Workshops: Oil, fat, solvents, water, cooling fluids, lubricants

Print & Paint: Glues, additives, varnishes, inks, paints, latex, acids, resins, pigments

Mining & Construction: Adhesives, Dewatering, Coal Sludge, Pastes

Ceramics Industry:  Abrasives, Glazes, Water, Enamels, Clays

Chemistry: Acids, Alkalis, Alcohols, Solvents, Latex, Emulsions

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25, 70, 120, 220, 420, 820

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