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Low Energy Air Pump

What are LEAP pumps?

Tapflo UK has developed the LEAP (Low Energy Air Pump) technology, which controls airflow through the pump with a fundamentally different principle.

Low Energy Air Pump

Product Features

The LEAP Technology has allowed the pump to develop to give smooth, effective delivery at the lowest energy consumption.

This technology shows efficiency improvements at all air pressures but the improvements are most marked at low air pressures. Now instead of starting at more than one bar with a possible tendency to stall at such pressures, a pump will start at as little as just 0.2 bar!

The leap center section can be dropped into any existing Tapflo pump, offering an unbelievable payback rate and peaks in performance.

LEAP Demonstration

Tapflo UK have created the below video to provide a more visual demonstration of the low start pressures and potential savings LEAP technology could provide your business.

Find out more about our LEAP pumps by getting in contact now.