ETO Stationary Decanting System

Tapflo’s ETO Stationary Decanting System (CDU)

ETO Stationary Decanting System

Max Capacity: 50 l/min

Rated Capacity @ 4 Bar: 30 l/min

Utilising Tapflo (UK)’s pneumatic batching system in conjunction with a Tapflo pump and Tapflo (UK)’s PoD valve dispensing hose the system delivers repeatable batched quantities of chemical, enabling users to benefit from the reduced costs associated with bulk chemical supply.

The CDU is delivered piped and ready to go.



ETO Stationary Decanting System: Features and Benefits

Engineered to Order CDU-50 Stationary Decanting System
  • Delivers repeatable batched volumes from bulk chemical storage
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Simple operation
  • Integral hose stowage
  • Broad media compatibility
  • Available in different versions for maximum flexibility
  1. Floor mounted – upstand with pump and batcher all mounted within
  2. Wall mounted – pump and air preparation mounted on wall bracket
  • Supplied with bund
  • PoD valve improves accuracy due to minimal wet leg
  • Optional key switch to prevent unauthorised dispensing
  • PoD valve prevents drips
  • Broad media compatibility
  • Stainless steel construction